Digital Fundraising at its Finest

Arena provides authentic, transparent and effective digital fundraising strategies to clients across the United States. We believe it’s important to get back to basics and treat donors with respect. We’re intent on building strong relationships with supporters and not treating them like ATMs.

What we do

We utilize emails, text blasts, social media, graphics and more to raise money for political and non-political campaigns and organizations. We start by developing a strategy with these groups to grow their subscriber lists, find prospective donors and build a messaging plan that works.

Our focus

Our fundraising team’s focus is on finding new donors and keeping supporters invested, not just through the campaign cycle but year after year. With our content, we’ll provide updates, new information and initiatives to keep donors active and invested. 

We build long-term relationships with donors, not one-time transactions with canned fundraising content. Our team gets to know the clients and what it is that makes donors respond to them through personalized and thoughtful content.

We Never Share or Sell Your Data to Other Companies!