When Michigan conservatives found themselves on the ropes this legislative session, Arena helped the Michigan Freedom Fund fight back.  

For the first time since 1984, Michigan Democrats control the Governor’s office and both chambers of the legislature. With total control of Lansing, Democrats are free to push their radical agenda with virtually no restrictions––this is a problem!

Consequently, Michigan Freedom Fund came to Arena with the goal of running a targeted campaign to increase public awareness on the legislature’s agenda and get concerned citizens to hold their legislators accountable for their votes.

Michigan Freedom Fund came to Arena with the following goals: 

  • Increase public awareness on legislative action in specific districts.
  • Hold legislators accountable and engage with constituents to apply pressure.
  • Generate leads for future campaigns.

Our Strategy: Messaging for this campaign stayed current to the legislative session, with Arena updating ad creative depending on what the state legislature was taking up at the time. For example, as the repeal of Right to Work was taken up, voters were shown ads educating them on the topic and encouraging them to take action. 

Throughout the months-long campaign, our plan used the following tactics:

  • We adjusted creative and targeting to ensure the right voters were shown the right ads. To accomplish this, we worked with our data partners to use a series of first party, third party, and look-a-like audiences. 
  • The campaign was also targeted geographically to selected districts where the votes legislators took were thought to be against the values and wishes of their constituents.

The Outcome: Over three months, the campaign made millions of impressions and garnered tens of thousands of clicks, resulting in hundreds of emails being sent to legislators that can now also be used to engage in future campaigns to influence change in Michigan.

Arena can help you reach the right voters with the right methods more effectively than ever before with less waste in your budget. Contact us today to start the conversation!

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