David Valadao Wins
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    Case Study: How Arena Helped Republican David Valadao Win a D+17 California District

    In 2020, former Congressman and Republican Candidate David Valadao beat the odds to retake the seat he had lost in 2018. But the celebration was short-lived when, after the 2020 Census was complete, the California Citizens Redistricting Commission voted 14-0 on a new congressional district map that put Valadao at a significant disadvantage.  The new…

  • Case Study: Barrow County, GA, Infrastructure Improvement Campaign

    Like many counties in America, Barrow County, GA has experienced tremendous growth over the last decade. As often is the case, the upkeep of the county’s roads and bridges had failed to keep up with the wear and tear caused by increased traffic from locals and non-locals alike. With the support of an intergovernmental agreement…

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    Michigan Conservatives Fight Back for Change

    When Michigan conservatives found themselves on the ropes this legislative session, Arena helped the Michigan Freedom Fund fight back to affect conservative change in the legislature.

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    Case Study: The Challenges of Digital Fundraising in the Modern Era

    Let’s be honest … digital fundraising was extremely difficult in the 2022 cycle in a post-Trump campaign world. Between nationalized fundraising, dishonest tactics, and intrusive over-sending of emails and SMS, we knew we had to build something different. For Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy’s reelection campaign, we built an honest and transparent fundraising operation while tackling…

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