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  • The Ultimate Guide to Digital Fundraising

    Digital Fundraising—like email and text fundraising—is critical for reaching donors and raising money. In this post, we demystify the process and help you understand the steps and technology required to successfully fundraising using digital tools. Form building lists

  • 5 Ways to Blaze a Path in Digital Campaign Fundraising

    I can almost guarantee that you will have some sort of digital campaign fundraising appeal for a political candidate or cause that will lead you to believe your $5 donation will equal $5,000. How?

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    Text Responsibly!

    Did you know 95% of texts are read in the first five minutes of being sent? Personally, I read mine within the first 30 seconds… Because of that, this powerful tool should be harnessed carefully. SMS (Short Message Service) & MMS (Multimedia Message Service) can be an extremely effective instrument for get-out-the-vote messages, rapid response,…

  • 7 Tips for Writing Effective Fundraising Emails

    Sending an email that gets noticed takes more effort than it did for Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan, who starred in the 90s release of You’ve Got Mail. Likewise, creating an effective fundraising email takes more effort as well. Back then, you were lucky to get a few emails in your inbox. The challenge today…

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    Case Study: The Challenges of Digital Fundraising in the Modern Era

    Let’s be honest … digital fundraising was extremely difficult in the 2022 cycle in a post-Trump campaign world. Between nationalized fundraising, dishonest tactics, and intrusive over-sending of emails and SMS, we knew we had to build something different. For Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy’s reelection campaign, we built an honest and transparent fundraising operation while tackling…

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