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  • What Is Quality Ad Inventory and Why Is It Important?

    Imagine spending tens of thousands of dollars on digital advertising—only to find out that half of your impressions went to bots! If you’re not buying high-quality ad inventory, you’re probably not advertising to real people. If that’s the case, your impressions and CTR (Click Through Rate) are meaningless.  Quality digital ad inventory is important for…

  • How CTV Advertising Differs from Broadcast and Cable TV Advertising

    With the rising popularity of streaming television, political advertisers are shifting away from broadcast and cable TV, budgeting more of their ad spend on CTV advertising (Connected Television). As a form of digital advertising, CTV provides significant advantages over traditional television advertising. At its core, CTV includes more sophisticated targeting capabilities, digital tools to better…

  • X Offers a Great Advertising Opportunity for Your Political Campaign

    Twitter made news in January with the announcement it will once again allow political advertising, creating a new opportunity for campaigns.

  • How to Launch Digital Marketing for Your Political Campaign

    Launching a digital campaign for candidates and PACs can be a challenge, but Arena’s experienced team can help. Read on to see our checklist of what you’ll need to get started on your website design and build, and digital advertising.

  • Interactive Ads Do More!

    Here at Arena, our business is persuasion. Through engaging and well targeted direct mail, digital, OTT/CTV, and text advertisements, our focus is winning the hearts and minds of voters for our clients. And, as digital advertising has become an increasingly critical outreach method, a constant question we ask ourselves is “How can we increase the effectiveness…

  • Stream Directly to Your Voters

    OTT advertising (Over-the-top), or streaming video ads, has become a popular option because it allows you to reach your target audience in where they are increasingly consuming media.  Since 2019, streaming content has captured 37.3% of television viewers and, according to Bloomberg, the video streaming market is set to grow to $416.84 Billion by 2030.…

  • Could Interactive Advertising Increase Engagement with Apolitical Consumers?

    Reaching an apolitical audience in political marketing can be a challenge. Could interactive advertising be the answer?

  • How to Use QR Codes In Advertising

    There is a lot of buzz in the advertising community about using QR codes in advertising. I’ve written this primer to help you get started and come up with ideas on how your business can benefit from using QR codes. What exactly is a QR code? A QR code is a type of barcode that…

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