Here at Arena, our business is persuasion. Through engaging and well targeted direct mail, digital, OTT/CTV, and text advertisements, our focus is winning the hearts and minds of voters for our clients. And, as digital advertising has become an increasingly critical outreach method, a constant question we ask ourselves is “How can we increase the effectiveness of digital display advertising for our clients?”.

Our answer to that question adds a powerful new advertising option to your persuasion arsenal: Interactive digital display ads.

Interactive display ads offer advantages that standard display ads don’t through advanced capabilities like embedded video, a user-controlled rotating carousel presenting multiple content options, and ads that reveal key messaging through viewer interaction—to name just a few cutting-edge capabilities. 

Please read on to see how your campaign can harness the persuasion power of interactive display ads. 

Embedded Video 

  • Fuses the benefits of a standard display ad to a video ad that would otherwise be limited to pre-roll-style ad placements. 
  • Presents a written message and a video message at once, potentially reducing the cost of running ads separately. 
  • Eliminates the extra step of clicking on a standard display ad to view video content, which increases views. 

Survey/Petition Ad

  • Enables viewers to respond to a question through buttons, a checklist, or a dropdown menu.
  • Collects viewers into retargeting pools for future campaigns.
  • Records the number of clicks generated by each option.
  • Each button can be linked to separate landing page specific to the selected option. 

Information Hover Ad

  • Displays legal information alongside a core message by hovering over content.
  • Discreetly place campaign disclosure information on secondary frame in jurisdictions which allow. 
  • Reduces the steps between viewing a message and taking action by allowing the viewer to browse options right in the ad.
  • Options showcased in the carousel can link directly to individual pages, increasing the likelihood of conversion.  
  • In the example below, the viewer is presented with a donation message while browsing contribution options. 

Scratch to Reveal Ad

  • Scratch over a specific part of the ad to reveal a new image or message underneath. 
  • On mobile, the ad functions on touch. On a desktop, it functions when a cursor hovers.

Countdown Ad

  • Features a clock that counts down to a fundraising or election deadline. 
  • A video can be used as a background to attract attention to the countdown clock and to enhance urgency. 

Interactive display ads are a creative solution to attract additional notice, drive voter engagement, and stand out from the competition.

The Arena team is ready to help you integrate cost effective interactive display ads into your digital campaign plan. You want to win—we want to help. Our business is persuasion. Contact us today! 

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