Digital fundraising graphic

100 moving parts. 

100 ways to make an error. 

And only 1 in 100 voters will end up on your donor list. Is this worth it?

Digital fundraising (Email fundraising and text fundraising) is a critical way to reach voters and donors. But fundraising without a plan or a sophisticated program will only get you so far. Thankfully, you don’t have to do it all on your own!

Digital fundraising shouldn’t be an enigma

Email fundraising and text fundraising should be transparent and ever-growing programs that adapt and change because the future of digital fundraising is unclear.

We’ve created the eBook, The Ultimate Guide to Digital Fundraising: Demystifying Email and Text Fundraising, to help you better understand the complex world of fundraising. Digital fundraising shouldn’t be a secret. The more you know, the better your programs will be.

Here is a quick look into what you’ll find inside the eBook:

  • Defining your campaign and your programs
  • Building your lists
  • Accepting donations
  • Understanding email fundraising
  • Understanding text fundraising
  • Utilizing your website
  • Boosting your social media solicitation
  • And some pro tips along the way

At Arena, we want to reset the industry by resetting how we talk to donors and how we ask for money. The practices of the last two cycles are sustainable but, if we go back to basics and put the donor back at the center of our attention, we can start to innovate for the future.

This is your starting point. GO!

Download your free eBook now, or contact us if you’d like to learn how we can help with your fundraising needs.

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