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Imagine spending tens of thousands of dollars on digital advertising—only to find out that half of your impressions went to bots! If you’re not buying high-quality ad inventory, you’re probably not advertising to real people. If that’s the case, your impressions and CTR (Click Through Rate) are meaningless. 

Quality digital ad inventory is important for several reasons. We’ll get into those reasons below, but first, you should know that acquiring high-quality inventory isn’t easy. It takes a digital buying team years to identify and establish relationships with quality DSPs (Demand-side Platforms) and publishers who prioritize quality inventory.

Arena’s media team has always focused on building relationships with quality ad inventory providers. As a result, our inventory is one of the many things that sets us apart from the competition.

So what is quality ad inventory and why does it matter? 

The quality of digital ad inventory is defined by several characteristics and its ability to achieve certain results:

Ad Performance and ROI

High-quality ad inventory is more likely to be viewed by real users, versus bots. It also helps your brand awareness or persuasion efforts by ensuring your message reaches the right people in the right context, where it has a higher chance of resonating and leaving a positive impact.

Fraud Prevention

Quality in digital ad inventory also pertains to the authenticity and integrity of the traffic. It minimizes the risk of ad fraud, where you might pay for views or clicks that are not from genuine users but instead from bots or fraudulent schemes. Quality inventory ensures your advertising budget is spent on legitimate impressions.

Brand Safety

Quality ad inventory ensures your ads are placed within content that is safe for your brand. You don’t want your ad appearing to endorse content narratives that could harm brand reputation. This might include content that encourages things like domestic violence, drug use or fake news. Quality inventory helps maintain your brand integrity and consumer trust.

User Experience

Premium ad inventory offers contextual ad placement, where your ads appear with relevant and engaging content. All of this contributes to a positive user experience. Poor-quality ad inventory can lead to intrusive or irrelevant ads, which can annoy users, leading to ad fatigue and/or the user‘s desire to use ad blockers.

Compliance and Regulation

High-quality inventory complies with legal regulations and industry standards or CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) in California. Compliance is crucial for avoiding legal issues and fines, and for maintaining the trust of users by respecting their privacy and data rights.

Optimization Opportunities

The best ad inventory provides valuable data that you can better use to optimize your campaigns. By analyzing the performance of ads in different contexts, you can refine your targeting, messaging and overall strategy to improve outcomes.

Sustainability of the Digital Ecosystem

For publishers, maintaining high-quality ad inventory is essential for attracting premium advertisers and ensuring sustainable revenue streams. It encourages a healthy digital advertising ecosystem where quality content can thrive, benefiting all stakeholders involved.

Demand only the highest quality ad inventory

When you work with Arena, you’ll quickly see the difference great ad inventory makes to your campaign. Contact us now and we’ll be happy to review your current buy and demonstrate how our high-quality inventory can help your campaign.

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