Political Data Targeting

Age. Gender. Location. Party affiliation. Vote history. 

Not too long ago, most campaigns were limited to targeting voters using criteria like these from the voter file. Opportunities to enhance the voter file, such as purchasing lists of issue preferences, were expensive and complicated. As digital political data targeting became more sophisticated, campaigns could better target key voter audiences online, but reaching those same voters through direct mail was usually not possible.

Those days are behind us.

Audiences that used to require data from multiple databases — like less active swing-voting moms living in the suburbs — are now easy to target across all standard outreach platforms.

Top firms like Arena will help you build a strategy that considers both demographic and modeled data. We’ll help you reach your key audiences in the right way more effectively than ever before.

What does political data targeting mean to your campaign?

You can use this data to optimize your campaign budget by reaching the same voter audiences across key campaign marketing channels:

  • Direct mail
  • Social media
  • Programmatic digital
  • Video (programmatic, OTT, CTV)
  • Texting
  • Phones
  • Field

Here’s the important takeaway: Don’t just rely on the voter file. Arena can show you how.

We are ready to help you harness the power of cutting-edge political data targeting for your campaign advertising and outreach. Contact us here to start the conversation.

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