Your text only has 5 seconds to engage a person

Did you know 95% of texts are read in the first five minutes of being sent? Personally, I read mine within the first 30 seconds…

Because of that, this powerful tool should be harnessed carefully. SMS (Short Message Service) & MMS (Multimedia Message Service) can be an extremely effective instrument for get-out-the-vote messages, rapid response, fundraising, or quick promotion of campaign materials.

Much like email, texting is a great way to stand out among the noise, but it has to be done the right way to be successful.

We’re aiming to change how it’s done. The spammy texting culture in which we live is turning off donors, voters, and activists because it’s super intrusive. I’ve unsubscribed from many candidates’ text messages because they’ve sent 2,3,4 or even 5 in one day! 

Arena continues to stand above the rest with transparent texting programs and opting to forgo the dishonest tactics we see too often. We follow these simple principles:

  • Proper 10DLC (10-digit long code) or short code verification
  • Direct calls to action
  • Always announce who is sending the text
  • Use proper/non-scammy language to avoid spam, blocking, or subscriber opt-outs
  • Once a user opts-out, they stay opted-out

You have about five seconds to keep a subscriber engaged. A great text message has a salutation, a short reason for texting, and a direct call to action to vote, donate or learn more. 

Anything more belongs in an email or on a linked landing page.

At Arena, we have effectively launched texting campaigns to help our clients be successful. Case in point: Our team sent out over one million texts for Governor Dunleavy’s re-election campaign in Alaska that helped lead him to victory in a close contest.

Give us 5 seconds! Let our experienced team at Arena help you reach and engage your voters and donors the right way every time.

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