Take a minute to look in your email promotions folder or spam inbox.

I can almost guarantee that you will have some sort of digital campaign fundraising appeal for a political candidate or cause that will lead you to believe your $5 donation will equal $5,000. How?

It isn’t Houdini… it’s smoke and mirrors and Republican donors are increasingly being turned off by these types of dishonest tactics.

Small-dollar fundraising shouldn’t rely solely on email. A healthy finance plan should look like this in regard to campaign revenue share:

  • Major Donors/PACs: 40%
  • Events: 25%
  • Small-Dollar: 35%
    • Email: 10%
    • SMS: 5%
    • Mail: 10%
    • Telemarketing: 5%
    • Website/Organic: 5%

Since 2020, campaigns are relying more and more on digital sources and forgoing the traditional forms of fundraising like mail, dialing for dollars, events, and major donor gifts. It’s an unsustainable practice.

➡️ Arena has always done fundraising differently because we are a team of traditional fundraisers with 12+ years of experience. We are fundraisers first and use our expertise to raise money in the digital space. We focus on your net dollars and treating donors with respect. Once they are turned off, they may never come back.

Here are 5 ways Arena is blazing the path for a new era of digital Campaign fundraising: 

  • Rejecting Scams
    • Pre-checked donation boxes? Not here. Dishonest “matched” donations? Not here either. We refuse to use tricks to cheat our donors out of their hard-earned money or take more than they intended to give. Our basic principles are honesty and integrity, and it works.
  • Using The Right Language & Beating The Noise
    • Canned emails can land you in the junk folder. We use transparent language and messaging to avoid the spam folder. Americans are more connected than ever, which means it’s easy to get lost in the noise. We are also constantly looking at the latest techniques to make your emails POP, from the subject line to the sender, our attention to detail keeps you at the top of minds and inboxes. 
  • Personalized Messaging
    • You are unique. That’s why we refuse to use a ‘one-size-fits-all’ fundraising strategy to achieve your goals. We research each of our clients thoroughly and actively monitor your campaign and region to ensure that your message is 100% YOU. 
  • List Segmentation
    • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​It is a priority for us to get out ahead of our emails by ensuring your mailing list is properly segmented. Doing this allows us to target individuals based on their activity levels and cater to their interests. Making this a regular practice for our team has led to better reception and much lower spam rates across all our clients.
  • A Focus On Deliverability
    • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​To ensure consistently high deliverability rates, we are focused on IP health and how it relates to a client’s ability to stay out of ‘spam’ folders. By working with our IP providers and carefully monitoring daily reports and statistics, we know the best times and ways to send your message. 

Whether you are just now looking to Arena for your digital campaign fundraising needs or you are a current client of ours, you can trust we will always look out for one thing: Your bottom line! Unlike our competition, we don’t nickel and dime or spend your money recklessly… We will always focus on your donors and net dollars.

We are as dedicated to meeting your fundraising goals as we are to ensuring we do so in the most cost-effective & transparent way possible.

When you choose Arena as a fundraising partner, you aren’t just getting a vendor. You’re getting a team of experienced partners who are ready to work toward your victory. Contact us now if you’d like to discuss your fundraising needs.

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