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What is the main goal of a political campaign…aside from winning of course? The goal is to stretch your voter contact budget to reach as many target voters, as many times as possible. The best way to achieve this goal is to include the right campaign media mix in your strategy.

Not too long ago, campaigns placed top priority on fully-funding broadcast television budgets and then dividing what remained among direct mail, digital, and texting outreach. 

Digital campaigns have become more sophisticated over recent cycles—especially with the increasing reach of digital streaming, Over the Top (OTT) video platforms. This sophistication has resulted in campaigns reaching more voters with the same budget.

For this reason, it is more important than ever to find the right campaign media mix. Media channels such as broadcast, print, text messaging, OTT and other digital channels (programmatic display, search, social media, etc.) all need to play a part. 

What is the best approach?

Trust in Arena to help optimize your voter contact budget 

Arena uses best-in-the-business data analysis to calculate the cost of traditional broadcast advertising against the cost, reach and penetration of OTT, digital, and direct mail advertising. 

We assist campaigns, at all levels of government, in finding the right balance of paid media advertising for their budgets and geographic boundaries. 

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How can Arena’s insights help your campaign? 

Here are a few examples of how Arena can help you put together a winning campaign media mix:

  • Identify the platforms your target audience prefers to consume media (e.g., mobile, desktop, social, or television), then prioritize your voter contact budget allocations accordingly.
  • Maximize your target audience reach across all media channels without oversaturating some viewers and completely missing others—however, they consume media. 
  • Optimize your campaign media mix by assessing the effectiveness of television, OTT, and digital campaigns after they have launched in side-by-side (A-B testing) comparisons. 
  • Direct a greater portion of your budget to direct mail and digital outreach in high cost/low reach DMAs.

Arena can help you reach the right voters with the right campaign media mix more effectively than ever before, with less waste in your voter contact budget. Contact us today to start the conversation!

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